Never be without coffee again! With the coffee subscription letter!

⭐ Skip, pause or cancel whenever you want
⭐ always freshly roasted coffee at home
⭐ Adjust your delivery frequency at any time
⭐ Free Shipping
⭐ Shipped in an envelope, everything that makes good coffee packaging: zipper, valve, recycled material

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The coffee subscription – this is how it works

  1. Choose your favorite coffee
  2. Choose your delivery interval and order your subscription
  3. Now you can put your feet up and you’ll never be without coffee beans again! Your subscription is set up and will conveniently arrive in your mailbox on a regular basis.
  4. Adjust your subscription to your needs at any time: delivery frequency, pause, skip,… everything can be set in your account in just a few clicks

This is how the coffee subscription comes about

In order to enjoy delicious, freshly roasted coffee, you not only need good beans, but also the right packaging. We send the coffee subscription in an envelope: this means we can offer you free shipping and save on unnecessary cardboard boxes! This is not only sustainable, but also makes financial sense for you. But the coffee subscription in the letter has everything a good coffee packaging needs: zipper for resealability, a coffee valve on the back and is made of recycled material.

How do you find your favorite coffee for your coffee subscription?

Either you first grab a tasting set consisting of 4 different coffees, or you get a coffee subscription letter as an single order! This means you have 450g of delicious coffee to try at home, have no shipping costs and can find your favorite coffee before you decide on a subscription!