Compostable Nespresso capsules – freshly roasted & encapsulated weekly!

Our coffee capsules are freshly roasted weekly and immediately encapsulated, for maximum freshness and great taste in the cup! They fit all Nespresso capsule machines and can be composted at home!

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Compostable Nespresso capsules

Questions about the coffee capsules

The compostable Nespresso capsules are compatible with all commercially available Nespresso capsule machines as well as the providers of Nespresso compatible machines (third-party providers).

They are freshly roasted weekly and encapsulated straight away for maximum freshness and flavor in the cup and can be easily composted at home!

Our approach is simple: we produce our capsules so that you can use them to prepare a top espresso and café crème. Depending on the machine, this stops at a certain volume or you stop as soon as the coffee has run for 25 seconds.

So that our capsules not only taste great but also make sense in terms of sustainability, we use a locally produced, home-compostable material that is made from waste: sunflower seeds!
These are produced during the production of sunflower oil and that’s why, in our opinion, it makes a lot of sense to make coffee capsules out of them!

You can easily throw these on your compost at home or in the garden, then thanks to the coffee grounds they will become top-notch fertilizer!

Most coffee capsules have one big problem: they were roasted a long time ago, then only capsuled weeks later and finally they turn gray on the shelf – all at the expense of quality, which turns it into a mediocre coffee experience.

But if we treat the capsules the same way we treat our portafilter, it will become a top-quality coffee:

Freshly roasted, immediately encapsulated in small batches, single dosing and perfect grinding!