brew guide
Cold Brew Coffee recipe

We’ll show you everything you need to know to prepare a fantastic cold brew!

brew guide at a glance

brew ratio Cold Brew pure for 1 cup
6 – 8g coffee per 100g water

brew ratio Cold Brew to mix for 1 cup
8 – 12g coffee per 100g water


brew time
8 – 12 hours

grind size
very fine / fine / medium/ coarse

what you need
cold brew coffee bottle with filter
or: french press
coffee grinder

cold brew brührezept brühanleitung

Due to the cold extraction, less bitter substances and acids are released from the coffee with the trendy cold brew method, resulting in refreshing, wholesome drinks for the summer.

On the one hand, ColdBrew is used pure, on the other hand, it is also used as a basis for various coffee-based mixed drinks, such as ColdBrew Tonic. In the following brewing recipe we have considered both cases, using more coffee and therefore more strength for ColdBrew mixers. For pure ColdBrew enjoyment, we use correspondingly less coffee.

Here we have put together a practical overview with all
brew guides at a glance:

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brew guide

step 1
the preparation

First we weigh the amount of coffee. For our Cold Brew bottle shown, which offers space for 700g of water, we use 42 grams of coffee. The amount depends on personal taste: if you like it intense, you can use more powder and vice versa.

step 2

Now let’s grind the coffee. It is best to grind the coffee as close to brewing as possible so that no aroma is lost. Grinding the coffee with a hand grinder increases the anticipation of the drink, as the fresh ground coffee sets the first scent and makes you appreciate every cup.

We select a coarse degree of grinding for the coffee.

step 3
Put coffee in the container

We put the powder in the cold brew maker’s integrated filter container or simply in the glass.

step 4
mix with water, extract in the fridge

Now we mix in the right amount of water. Don’t forget to shake or stir.

Then we put the sealed container in the fridge and let the coffee extract between 8 – 12 hours.

step 5
pour and enjoy

After the extraction time, we want to separate the cold brew from the ground coffee. With the cold brew maker, the filter container and thus the coffee powder can be easily removed from the lid. If you have prepared a cold brew in an ordinary glass, you can now filter it into another glass container using an ordinary coffee filter, for example a V60.

Now we serve the cold brew either with a few ice cubes, or mix it with tonic, fruit juice, schnapps or whatever your heart desires!

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Cold brew coffee is coffee that has been extracted without hot water, i.e. cold.

This requires more time, between 8-12 hours depending on the recipe. Find out everything in our free online barista course!

Caffeine content: In terms of caffeine, cold brew coffee is in no way inferior to conventional filter coffee:

With approx. 73 mg caffeine in 100 ml, the cold pick-me-up even contains a little more caffeine than filter coffee with 60-70 mg/100 ml.

Fans love the mild, fruity-fresh taste, which contains up to 70 percent less acids and bitter substances than hot filter coffee. This makes cold brew coffee more digestible and gentle on the stomach. Not only that, but cold coffee is also pretty healthy, studies show.

Here is a short overview list for the cold brew coffee brew guide

Zusatzinfo - Alert Brew Rezept

Are you like us and sometimes you can’t wait that long for your cold brew? In this case, we have created an alternative recipe for you. We call it the “Alert Brew”. With Alert Brew you can imitate the strength of cold brew with espresso and water and thus avoid the long extraction time. You will get a different drink in terms of taste, but in our opinion it is worth trying.


brew ratio Fake Brew
1 Espresso 
100 g water
2 ice cubes

step 1

extract a double shot of espresso

step 2

mix it with water

step 3

leave to cool in the fridge for five minutes and then serve as a cold brew and, if required, on ice