BLUM coffee roastery combines a unique taste with real impact

We source unique specialty coffees from nature, so it's only fair if we give something back.

🌍 1% of sales in nature conservation projects.

why do we roast coffee?

Your benefits at a glance

direct trade

Independent of the food exchange, we work directly with the farms in the country of origin and pay higher prices for better quality. Customers benefit from the unique taste, the Farm from around 2.5 instead of 1 cent turnover per cup.

freshly roasted

Freshness and quality have top priority in our coffee roastery. That's why we roast in small batches every week in our grandmother's garage, with a lot of passion.

organic farming

We rely on sustainably produced, organically grown specialty coffee. Even without organic labels.

help and support

Do you have a question, need tips or support?

We are happy to help you, contact our team!

barista courses

Barista courses are not only a lot of fun, they also take your home barista skills to the next level!

Coffee shop quality from 25 Rp./cup

Coffee like in a coffee house for at home, from just 25 centimes per cup!
We will help you with the preparation with tips, recipes, courses, questions and answers.

erde naturschutz

We don't donate, we pay a fair rent for using our planet.

1% of our turnover is invested in nature conservation projects.

support and help

Mike Kohler Blum Kaffee

Are you new to our site and looking for coffee to take home and don't really know how to start?

I would be happy to help you, write me a message:

Would you like to switch to
sustainable coffee enjoyment at home?

Try our coffee tasting set and get a 20% discount!

– 4 x coffees in 250g bags
– Coffees are assembled by our Barista Trainer Mike based on your chosen brewing method
– Mail with valuable tips for preparing coffee and information about the farms

Our coffee farmers

SanCoffee aus Brasilien
Aricha Boledu aus Äthiopien
Baho Coffee aus Ruanda

Specialty coffees:

Our partners

Our specialty coffee is available from the following partners:

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