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Here we have put together a practical overview with all the recipes at a glance:

In order to prepare a cup of top coffee at home, you need not only a high-quality bean that has been roasted appropriately for the brewing method, but also the necessary knowledge and skills when brewing. Small errors in the brewing process, such as the wrong amount of ground coffee or the wrong degree of grinding, can have a major impact on the end result in the cup. That’s why we’re presenting our favorite recipes for the most common brewing methods and explaining the crucial technical steps that influence the quality in the cup.

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espresso machine

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Cold Brew


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Which coffee goes well with which coffee preparation?

Not every bean is suitable for every coffee preparation. Broadly speaking, dark, bitter roasts are more suited to short brew methods like portafilter, while lighter roasts with high acidity are more suited to longer brew times like drip coffee. For each brewing method you will find a corresponding coffee recommendation from our range of beans. You are also welcome to contact us for an individual recommendation. Take a look at our preparation tips or take the coffee quiz:

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