BLUM Kaffee:

Top coffee finally in the office!

With the Remote Barista you can bring that coffee house feeling into your office: your employees will love you!


Coffee like a barista,

affordable and without hassle

All from a single source:

Beans, machine, know-how without any hassle!

improved working atmosphere

Coffee break: brainstorm ideas, network and grow together!

improved productivity

through satisfaction and the extra portion of caffeine!

Success stories

Our previous experience with over 50 companies shows:
Top-quality coffee doesn't have to be expensive or complicated; employees are served an extra portion of appreciation including caffeine.

BLUM Coffee Remote Barista High-quality office coffee machines: A key to employee satisfaction and image improvement

In today’s working world, employee satisfaction is crucial to the success of a company. One way to increase this satisfaction and improve the company’s image is to provide high-quality office coffee machines. This measure goes beyond just providing you with caffeine and can become a real game-changer for your office.

Employee satisfaction: The key to success with the office coffee machine?

Increase productivity and satisfaction

A high-quality office coffee machine can increase employee productivity by providing them with high-quality coffee right at their workplace. Studies show that employees who have access to good coffee are often happier and identify more strongly with their company.

Promoting social interaction

The coffee corner in the office often becomes a meeting place for informal conversations and to promote social interaction. A well-equipped coffee station can help improve team dynamics and create a positive work environment.

Image improvement through high-quality coffee

Sign of appreciation

Providing high-quality coffee in the office shows employees that the company values their well-being and is willing to invest in their happiness. This can strengthen the company’s image as an employee-oriented company.

Emphasize sustainability

By using office coffee machines that offer high-quality, sustainably grown coffee, the company can demonstrate its commitment to environmental protection and ethical trading. This can improve the company’s image and be well received by customers and employees.

Remote Barista Office Coffee Machines: An exceptional solution

Personalized coffee enjoyment

Remote Barista office coffee machines allow employees to customize their coffee according to their individual preferences. This personalized service can help strengthen employee loyalty and make the office a place of enjoyment.

Innovation in the workplace

The integration of Remote Barista office coffee machines shows that the company is innovative and ready to use new technologies to improve the work environment. This can strengthen the company’s image as modern and future-oriented.

By investing in high-quality office coffee machines, companies can not only increase the satisfaction of their employees, but also improve their image and position themselves as an attractive employer. With solutions like Remote Barista office coffee machines, you can go even further and offer your employees an exceptional coffee experience.

Sustainable coffee beans for a delicious and conscious cup

We understand that serving delicious coffee is not enough. That’s why we focus on sourcing sustainable coffee beans that are ethical and environmentally friendly. We source our beans directly from farmers, independently of the coffee exchange, and roast them in our own roastery to get the best out of the coffee. With us you get a complete solution that guarantees that both the machine and the beans are perfectly coordinated to achieve the best possible taste and aroma.

The perfect office coffee machine

When choosing the ideal office coffee machine, various factors play a crucial role:

Quality of the coffee Efficiency Size of the office Employees’ coffee preferences The perfect office coffee machine must above all meet the needs of the office!

Employees don’t want to have to wait long for their coffee. Therefore, the office coffee machine should be able to prepare a large number of coffees quickly without sacrificing quality. At the same time, the operation and maintenance of the machine should be easy. An office coffee machine should have a large bean compartment to avoid frequent refills.

Our office coffee machines offer a capacity of up to 1000 grams and guarantee consistently high-quality coffee. Our service not only includes a quick and comprehensive installation, but also the individual adjustment of the settings to your needs. Thanks to automated reorders, empty coffee stocks are a thing of the past and you receive exactly the quantity you need. This means that the coffee supply in your office is always guaranteed.

Why BLUM Remote Barista?

Delicious coffee will increase employee satisfaction and promote social interaction within the team.

Other coffee solutions either produce kilos of aluminum capsule waste or are laborious to clean, handle,...

Delicious coffee is actually appreciated, but most of the time the familiar office coffee brew is just not good and there were no good Nespresso alternatives

In the post-Covid era, teams, social exchange and company culture have become an invaluable value that must be promoted

That's why capsule or vending machine coffee is brewed in most offices

But it doesn't have to be that way!

We take responsibility for the quality in the cup.


Coffee like from a barista,
affordable and without any effort

The same espresso & milk foam quality that we serve our guests in the café at the push of a button

Everything from a single source:
Beans, machine, know-how without any hassle!

A complete solution that is perfectly coordinated

improved working atmosphere

The coffee break: grinding ideas, networking and growing together!

improved productivity

through satisfaction and the extra portion of caffeine!

Und so bringen wir Spitzenkaffee in deinen Betrieb:

Choose the model that best suits your business

All Inclusive - price per cup

Calculable and transparent, everything is billed at the end of the month using a per-cup price.

from CHF 0.45 per coffee

The price per coffee depends on the number of coffees prepared per month.
Everything paid via cup price (machine, beans, service, support)
Remote Barista Monitoring & Calibration
Barista training for your team
Machine service
Individual coffee drinks configuration
Seasonal recipes

Rent + cup price

Fixed and variable costs are clearly split, but with a cheaper cup price.

from CHF 0.35 per coffee

The price per coffee depends on the number of coffees prepared per month.
Machine is rented
Lower cup price for consumption (beans, service, support)
Remote Barista Monitoring & Calibration
Barista training for your team
Machine service
Individual coffee drinks configuration
Seasonal recipes
Kaffeehaus Coffeeshop

Purchase + cup price

You buy the machine and also benefit from a low cup price.
The best value for money.

from CHF 0.35 per coffee

The price per coffee depends on the number of coffees prepared per month.
Machine is purchased
Lower cup price for consumption (beans, service, support)
Remote Barista Monitoring & Calibration
Barista training for your team
Machine service
Individual coffee drinks configuration
Seasonal recipes

Choose the machine that best suits your business

You can choose from fully automatic portafilter machines that can be controlled via the Internet



Eversys Cameo
from 900 drinks per month
Eversys Cameo

Eversys Legacy
from 500 drinks per montht


The services in detail

coffee beans

Freshly roasted coffee beans from sustainable cultivation

Sustainably produced beans are roasted daily in our in-house roastery. This way we ensure the highest quality. We are constantly expanding our range of beans with new, attractive blends as well as single-origin offerings including caffeine-free coffee.

Remote barista, trendy recipes & training

Consistent top quality, enthusiastic employees

Our team of baristas & roasters monitor your coffee machine daily and make settings to guarantee you consistent drink quality - just like baristas would do on site! Your team can enjoy coffee house quality at the touch of a button!

On-site installation

A smooth start is guaranteed

We will install the Remote Barista in your business within a very short time. As long as you have electricity and a water connection on site, nothing will stand in the way of top-quality coffee!

Service & cleaning material

Complete all-round service from experts included

We guarantee you consistent cup quality and trouble-free operation. In addition to the appropriate cleaning materials, we resolve problems efficiently. Thanks to the remote connection, we usually detect defects before you and solve them directly from our headquarters or come by immediately. As experienced coffee machine engineers, we know the technical side very well.

"Because everyone benefits: employees from good coffee, bosses from happier employees and farmers from fair conditions!"

Schritt für Schritt...

Wir arbeiten mit dir zusammen um Kaffee zu einem Erlebnis zu machen.

Setup in 3 einfachen Schritten:

Schritt 1

Gemeinsam erarbeiten wir dein Kaffeekonzept.

Jedes Restaurant und Cafe ist einzigartig - zusammen erarbeiten wir dein Kaffeeangebot und wählen die perfekte Kaffeeausrüstung, welche ideal zu deinem Betrieb und deinen Kunden passt!

2 gemeinsam erarbeiten wir

Schritt 2

Wir installieren die Maschinen - konfiguriert auf deine Bedürfnisse.

Wir installieren Maschinen, Kühlschränke und alles was dazu nötig ist, damit du Top Kaffee servieren kannst. Für dich entstehen keine zusätzliche Kosten.

2 wir installieren die maschinen

Schritt 3

Dein Team bekommt eine kompetente Schulung.

Damit du deine Gäste begeistern kannst und der Betrieb reibungslos funktioniert, ist eine perfekte Schulung zentral! KaffeeKnowHow, Barista Skills an der Maschine und auch Latte Art auf Wunsch inklusive!

2 dein team bekommt eine kompetente schulung

How does the operation work?

Even after installation, we stay on the ball. We respond to feedback, reconfigure and
automatically supply your business with freshly roasted beans.


Our support team of prof. Baristas and technicians are available 24/7 and monitor the drink quality daily via the Internet.


Automates IoT

The coffee beans are delivered automatically and free of charge, no reordering necessary. We detect problems early on and resolve them immediately.

latte art


Employees benefit from delicious coffee, bosses have an improved working atmosphere and a more productive team and farmers have more money available for their hard work!


Coffee house feeling

In our in-house coffee house we develop and test new recipes, special roasts and seasonal drinks. You get the same quality at the push of a button!

Options and accessories

Choose from a wide range of machine options and accessories to create the optimal coffee experience for your business.

Top coffee so that everyone benefits from it...

"Coffee is my passion. Whether as a barista trainer or coffee machine engineer, coffee shapes my everyday life and has fascinated me for years. With Blum Coffee you serve your employees coffee in consistent barista quality, so that not only you, but also farmers benefit from it and at an attractive price"

Let's talk about the possibilities!

Mike Kohler
Barista trainer and coffee machine engineer

Do you still have questions?
Check out Blum's FAQ about the office coffee machine

I have a question about...

We buy directly, pay above-average prices for better quality and roast fresh every week using the most modern equipment.

Everything to ensure that the drink impresses in the cup at the end.

You can choose your favorite variety from our range and of course change the variety from time to time if necessary!

We use what we believe to be the best fully automatic portafilter coffee machine currently available!

It is built in Valais, has the best coffee quality and is the easiest to clean.

We can also control the quality from the roastery via the Internet and thus provide perfect support for our catering partners!

The machine shows on the display when there is something to refill:

  • Beans
  • cleaning supplies

We’ll show you everything during installation so that you can be confident in your maintenance!

You can choose whether you want with or without a milk system.

With milk system:

increases the drink selection to include cappuccino, latte macchiato,… you know the one
increases the cleaning effort by approx. 2 minutes

Yes – many have had bad experiences cleaning coffee machines.

We know this first hand and can assure you, it doesn’t get any easier than this machine!

The machine reminds you to start cleaning. All you need to do is press a button on the display – then nothing stands in the way of enjoying your coffee!

We can also program it to automatically do the cleaning at a specific time.

If you decide on a milk system, there is one more step: but don’t worry, this is also child’s play and only takes a few minutes of your time.

We would be happy to adapt everything to your needs!

Descaling is not necessary, we use a water filter during installation.

Of course there are no additional costs for this!

We’ll come by in advance and take a look at the situation on site together.

Blum will handle the installation of the machine, all you have to do is make sure it has electricity, water and sewer connections close to the installation site.

Of course, you can contact us if you are not sure whether your connections are sufficient. Get in touch – we’ll be happy to help you!

no variety, that is sometimes the case. There is no water connection available at the machine location.

Alternatively, we can equip the machine with a water and wastewater tank.

phew now it’s getting tricky!

But don’t worry, we also have extension cables in our range! 🙂

Joking aside, power connections for the coffee machine should ideally be on a separate fuse.

We would be happy to check your connections for you.

We charge on a monthly basis.

The more coffee your store has brewed this month, the cheaper your per-cup price will be.