brew guide
Aeropress coffee

We’ll show you everything you need to know to prepare a perfect AeroPress!

brew guide at a glance

brew ratio
15g coffee (1 Aeropress-spoon) and 200g water

92-96 °C

brew time
1,5 minutes brew
0,5 minutes press

prep time
ca. 4 minutes

grind size
very fine / fine / mediumcoarse

what you need

Aeropress with filter
coffee grinder
glass jar
water kettle

aeropress brührezept brühanleitung

The Aeropress is the ideal travel companion and the brewing method of choice for outdoor freaks. The recipe presented here is simple, reproducible and ideal for on the go.

This method creates a stronger drink compared to filter coffee, but milder than the French press because the drink is also pressed through a filter. Compared to these two methods, the pressure comes into play as an additional variable with the Aeropress, which generally increases the possibilities significantly.

Here we have put together a practical overview with all
brew guides at a glance:

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brew guide

step 1

the preparation

I’ll start with boiling the water as it takes the most time.
Meanwhile, I weigh my amount of coffee. For my Aeropress, which offers space for 200g of water, I use 15g of coffee.

So I’m ready for the next step.

step 2

rinse and insert filter

We insert the round filter paper of the Aeropress into the filter cap and rinse it with hot water over the sink or the floor. As a result, it is not only preheated, but also no longer tastes like paper.

Then I screw the filter cap with the flushed filter onto the brewing chamber.

step 3


Now let’s grind the coffee. It is best to grind the coffee as close to brewing as possible so that no aroma is lost. Grinding the coffee with a hand grinder increases the anticipation of the drink, as the fresh ground coffee sets the first scent and makes you appreciate every cup.

step 4

Screw the AeroPress together, add coffee powder

It is best to grind the coffee as close to brewing as possible so that no aroma is lost.

Now I put 15 grams of ground coffee powder in the Aeropress, put it on a scale and I’m ready to brew.

Attention: After I put the coffee in the brewing chamber, I set the scale to zero so that I can accurately measure the 200ml of water for the brewing process.

step 5

Brews and stopwatch starts - blooming

For our simple Aeropress recipe, we start the brewing process by adding the full 200g of water. Ideally, the water is between 92 and 96 degrees Celsius. At the same time we also start the stopwatch as the brewing has started.

step 6


Once we have poured the entire amount of water, we stir the bloom for 10 seconds in the brewing chamber.

step 7

insert piston and wait

We carefully put the plunger on without pushing down too much.

As a result, due to the negative pressure generated, no more coffee flows out of the Aeropress and we can continue brewing until we have reached 1 min 30 s.

step 8

push until you hear it

After the 1 min 30 s, we slowly push the plunger down until we hear the typical “hissing”. Ideally, you will hear the hiss at about 2 minutes.

Caution: it is essential to take the Aeropress away from the scales!

The coffee is ready!

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The AeroPress looks complicated, but with the right recipe, it makes a super delicious filter coffee! Also great for on the go.

Learn everything about the function and preparation in the animated recipe!

Aeropress is a manual coffee machine consisting of a brewing cylinder, a plunger and a coffee filter, which is fixed to the underside of the brewing cylinder with a filter holder.

Depending on how the coffee is prepared on the AeroPress, a medium-fine grind can be selected.

We set the degree of grinding on the Aeropress according to taste:

  • – If the coffee is weak and sour: grind finer
  • If the coffee is strong and bitter: use a coarser grind

Here is a short overview list for the coffee brew guide