We accompany
restaurateurs as
coffee partners

Every restaurant business is unique and the needs for the coffee offer are individual – we will help you to inspire your customers with coffee and to turn guests into regular customers!

Working with BLUM coffee means a high-quality coffee experience for your guests!

We accompany you as a coffee partner so that you can focus on your business!

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Perfect coffee

Delicious coffee like in a coffee house is not only fine for your guests, but also sustainable according to our philosophy!

We work closely with our producers at the origin, trade exclusively sustainable specialty coffee directly and roast it fresh in small batches.

constant quality

We work with the highest quality, fully automatic portafilter machines and monitor the quality in the cup on a daily basis.

Our team of roasters, barista trainers and coffee machine engineers work with the most modern tools.

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Professional support

Our support team from prof. Baristas and technicians are available 24/7 and ensure that your everyday life runs smoothly.

The beverage quality is also monitored daily via the Internet and the beans are delivered automatically without reordering!

Professional coffee machine restaurant for a high-quality coffee experience


unserer Gastronomen und Partnern:

And this is how we guarantee constant quality

Only one of many coffees in the catering trade tastes great - why is that?
The three factors: bean - machine - know-how must be perfectly matched!

For this we need:


For top coffee we need coffee beans of the highest quality!

We only roast specialty coffee over 80 SCA points, the guests notice the difference!


For top coffee we need the best fully automatic portafilter machine!

We adapt the recipes perfectly to the taste of your guests.

Know How

With their know-how, baristas trained in Italy ensure constant quality every day.

We bring our know-how to your company via the Internet and ensure constant quality from our roastery!

Thanks to know-how and IoT connection

Constant beverage quality

  1. Set up
    Let’s adjust recipes together to the taste of your customers
  2. Monitor
    Thanks to Internet access to the machine, we monitor the beverage quality on a daily basis
  3. Adjust
    We can make recipe adjustments at any time without delay

Helping restaurateurs to be successful is our passion!

Mike Kohler Blum Kaffee

"We take responsibility for the quality in the cup, you and your team inspire your guests with sustainable barista coffee and increase your coffee sales !"

Mike Kohler, Barista Trainer und coffee machine engineer

What makes our coffee so sustainable?

As a company, we have made it our goal to leave a lasting impact with our daily activities.
We rely on:

direct trade

We trade coffee directly with our partner farms in the country of origin and rely on organically grown, sustainably produced green coffee.
This creates financial sustainability for the farmers and leaves no damage to the environment.
Together with our farmers, we invest in local environmental projects.

quality bonus for the farmer

We pay our farmers an above-average price, well above what they would get on the coffee exchange. This gives us a top product that our guests love and the farmers get a fair wage for their hard work!

1% of sales in nature conservation projects

As a company, we want to be a small part of the solution to combating the climate crisis. We use wonderful and complex raw materials from nature, for us it is only logical that we give something back.
Every employee chooses their own nature conservation project!

Choose the coffee for your business

We have a wide range of freshly roasted coffee, you choose your type during the tasting and can change as often as you like!

our coffee farmers

You can find the producers behind our coffees here:

the perfect coffee machine restaurant

When choosing the right gastro coffee machine, the following factors are important:

  • quality of the drinks
  • speed
  • size of the company
  • Restaurant coffee concept

Above all, the right gastro coffee machine must fit into the coffee concept!

Your guests don’t want to wait too long for their ordered coffee. Therefore, the gastro coffee machine should be able to prepare a large number of coffees in a short time and still guarantee high quality. At the same time, handling and maintenance should be as simple as possible. A professional coffee machine should have a large bean compartment so that you don’t have to refill new beans too often.

Our gastro coffee machines from Eversys have a capacity of 1000 grams and ensure consistently high coffee quality. Our service not only ensures quick and extensive installation, but also makes the settings for the coffee machines. With our automated repeat orders, you also avoid empty coffee shelves and you only get as much as you use. As a result, your coffee supply is continuously secured.

Do you have any questions?
Check out Blum's FAQ for restaurateurs

It’s shortly before the reopening, the conversion is almost complete and now it’s time to choose the coffee machine.

But which one is the right one?

Here it depends on the concept on site, the know-how of the staff, the taste of the guests and the time for the preparation!

We would be happy to advise you and help you! 😀

Are you opening a new restaurant, but you don’t yet know what place coffee should have in your offer?

Should it simply be the espresso after the meal, or would you like to be able to lure guests into the restaurant with high-quality top-quality coffee even when the hours are empty?

We will help you!

The choice of coffee machine should not be rushed for a successful catering concept: the taste of the guests, the know-how in the preparation of the employees as well as the entire catering concept should flow into the choice of the coffee machine.

We would be happy to advise you and help you to inspire your guests with top coffee and turn them into regular customers!

The selection of portafilters and fully automatic machines has become confusing in recent years!

The model ranges and features advertised by retailers seem almost endless, but on paper they all have the same key figures, how are you supposed to decide?!

We are coffee machine engineers and know the market – as a supplier-independent company we are happy to advise you free of charge!

For many, the coffee concept can be an additional source of income at times when there are only a few guests in the restaurant. In addition, the margins that can be made with coffee are considerable.

It is therefore worth choosing the right coffee machine and the right coffee concept if you want to make more sales with coffee!

A traditional Italian portafilter coffee machine looks chic and makes good coffee, but using and preparing it on the machine poses great challenges for employees! Especially when many guests order coffee at the same time.

This is where the fully automatic coffee machine is the right solution, and properly adjusted it can deliver the same quality as the traditional machine!

Renting a coffee machine makes perfect sense, especially if you are starting out and investing in new equipment is large and will tie the restaurateur to the machine for the next 10 years!

We have different models: free coffee machine, rent or buy!

This question is often asked in context and there will not be a clear, universal answer any time soon.

When choosing the coffee machine, it depends on the gastronomy concept, the employees and above all: the taste of the customers!

We support restaurateurs in turning their guests into regular customers with top coffee!

For many catering establishments, filter coffee in large quantities is the right solution for the buffet, morning meal, etc.

With the Eversys coffee machine, filter coffee machines can be brewed in a short time at the touch of a button and peak times (a lot of filter coffee in a short time) can be easily managed.

The price of a high-quality gastro coffee machine is between CHF 5,000 and CHF 30,000.

We have an offer for the gastro where there are no investment costs in coffee machines and you just pay per cup of coffee! No hidden costs and the highest quality!

Contact us now for a non-binding tasting!

It depends entirely on the needs, requirements for speed and the staff, which is the right gastro coffee machine!

The decisive factor is that it must fit into the gastronomy concept!

We accompany restaurateurs as coffee partners!

Die Modelle

Finde hier in der Übersicht das passende Angebot.
Dir fehlen Informationen oder du möchtest gerne etwas persönlich besprechen?
Zögere nicht und nimm mit uns Kontakt auf!

Brüher Modell

Zirkuläre Spezialitätenbohnen
Mehr als fair & bio!
zubereitet auf der eigenen Maschine
ab CHF 0.25 pro Tasse
  • Kaffeebohnen röstfrisch
  • saisonales Bohnenangebot
  • direkter Handel
  • nachhaltiger Anbau
  • Support und Beratung vom Röster
    und Barista AST Trainer
  • 1% in Naturschutzprojekte investiert

Blum Modell

Espresso & Cappuccino auf Knopfdruck
in konstanter Siebträger-Qualität
keine Investitionskosten
ab CHF 0.40 pro Tasse
  • alles aus "Brüher Modell"
  • Eversys Kaffeemaschine mietfrei
  • Konfiguration individuelles Getränkesortiment
  • Maschinenservice und Support
  • Installation, Wasserfilter
  • Tassen-Set zu Einkaufskonditionen

Kaffeehaus Modell

genau nach deinen Wünschen
begeistere deine Gäste!
ab CHF 0.60 pro Tasse
  • alles aus "Blum Modell"
  • Latte Art Modul
  • Spezialtassen-Set aus Ton handgefertigt zu Einkaufskonditionen
  • Schulung der Mitarbeiter: Latte Art, Story Telling, Kaffeewissen
  • Saisonales Getränkeangebot auf Knopfdruck
  • Individuelle Inszenierung: Schild, Menukarte, Bilder





Bohnen und Recycling

Kaffee-Bohnen aus dem Blum-Sortiment

kostenloser Versand

Eine Ansprechperson mit eindeutiger Verantwortung für die Qualität in der Tasse

Kaffeesorten limitierte Auflage, Saisonales Bohnensortiment auf Wunsch


Eversys Cameo inkl. Frischmilchmodul und Kühlschrank, mietfrei zur Verfügung gestellt

Installation der Maschine inkl. Wasserfilter und Abwasseranschluss (kein Entkalken, kein Wasser leeren nötig)

Maschinenservice und Support - 7 Tage pro Woche

Reinigungsmittel für automatisierte Reinigung inklusive

Latte Art Modul


Getränkesortiment, Konfiguration und Programmierung nach Kundenwunsch

Tassen-Set zu Einkaufskonditionen

Spezialtassen-Set aus Ton handgefertigt zu Einkaufskonditionen

Saisonales Getränkeangebot mit vielfältigem, einfachem Rezeptbuch auf Knopfdruck


Support und Beratung vom Röster und Barista AST Trainer

Kostenfreie Schulung der Mitarbeiter

Barista-Grundwissen, Storytelling, Nachhaltigkeit, Latte Art auf Knopfdruck, Spezialgetränke



Bilder von Kaffeefarm

Kaffee-Schild kundenspezifisch nach Getränkesortiment