BLUM Kaffee Gastro

We'll make the coffee with you

With our coffee solution, we take responsibility for the quality in the cup. You inspire your guests with top coffee and create regular customers.


coffee like at the barista,

without effort

All from a single source:

Beans, machine, know-how

No investments

You start with no initial investments

Increased sales

through an ingenious coffee experience

BLUM coffee coffee machine gastronomy – A complete solution for exceptional coffee – highquality coffee machines for restaurants, cafés and bakeries

Are you looking for a coffee solution that will help you brew exceptional coffee? Look no further than our BLUM coffee machine gastronomy. Our machines are specially designed to meet the needs of a busy restaurant, café or bakery. By working with us, you have the benefit of having just one company responsible for your entire coffee offering, ensuring you get a superior coffee quality that cannot be achieved by working with multiple companies.

Sustainable coffee beans for a tasty and conscious cup

We understand that serving delicious coffee is not enough. That’s why we focus on sourcing sustainable coffee beans that are ethical and environmentally friendly. We obtain our beans directly from the farmers and independently of the coffee exchange and roast them in our own roastery to get the best out of the coffee. With us you get a complete solution that guarantees that both machine and beans are perfectly matched to achieve the best possible taste and aroma.

Complete coffee solutions and expert knowledge

We are more than just a supplier of coffee machines and beans. Our team of experts provide ongoing support and training on how to brew the perfect cup of coffee. From bean selection to machine maintenance and barista training, we have a complete solution to help you brew amazing coffee. Our one-stop approach ensures you only have to work with one company, making everything more efficient and guaranteeing excellent coffee quality.

Contact us today to learn more about our catering coffee machines and to request a demonstration.

Why BLUM Kaffee gastronomy?

Serving really good coffee is not an easy task in the hectic everyday life of the restaurant industry.

Getting expensive equipment & good coffee beans alone just won't help you.

You lack the "know-how" that stands at the machine every day and continuously coordinates the beans, grinder, machine and brewing process.

This is why trained baristas are often behind the machines in top coffees, which is not a financially viable solution for most catering establishments.

That's why most catering establishments are left with mediocre coffee.

But it doesn't have to be like this!

We take responsibility
for the quality in the cup.


Coffee like at the barista,
with no effort

Espresso & milk froth in consistent barista quality at the push of a button

Everything from a single source:
beans, machine, know-how

A complete solution that is perfectly coordinated

No initial

Only pay for what you need every month, all inclusive

Increased sales through
brilliant coffee experience

Good coffee leads to more enthusiastic repeat customers

And this is how we bring top coffee to your restaurant business:

Choose the model that suits your business best


For those with the experience and time to brew premium coffee the classic way

CHF 28.- to 33.- per KG

The discount rate on the price per kilo depends on the order quantity.
Extensive range of coffee beans
Discount for business customers
Other services can be booked as required


For those who want constant top coffee at the touch of a button

from CHF 0.45 per cup

The price per coffee depends on the number of coffees prepared per month.
Everything from the "Classic" model
machine service
cleaning material
Installation in your company
Remote barista monitoring & calibration
On-site barista training for your team
Individual coffee drink configuration


For those who want to create a complete coffee experience in their establishment

from CHF 1.20 per cup

The price per coffee depends on the number of coffees prepared per month.
Everything from the model "Smart"
create your Own coffee blend, seasonal coffee or single-variety organic beans
Syrup assortment at purchasing conditions for special drinks such as PSL, mocha, dirty chai,...
Premium support as well as seasonal drink recipes
Customized custom machine design
Flexible use of options & additional modules

Choose the machine that suits your business best

Fully automatic portafilter machines that can be controlled via the Internet





Eversys Cameo
up to 50 cups per hour
Eversys Cameo

from 18'000.- once

from 265.- per month

Eversys Legacy
up to 30 cups per hour

from 13'000.- once

from 189.- per month


The services in detail

coffee beans

Freshly roasted coffee beans from sustainable cultivation

Sustainably produced beans are roasted daily in our in-house roastery. This is how we ensure the highest quality. We are constantly expanding our range of beans with new, attractive blends and single-variety offerings, including decaffeinated coffee.

Remote barista, trending recipes & training

Consistent top quality, enthusiastic staff and trendy drinks

Our team of baristas & roasters monitors your coffee machine daily and makes adjustments to guarantee you a constant beverage quality - just like baristas would do on site! Your team will also receive extensive training and be provided with trendy coffee recipes.

Initiales Setup

A smooth start is guaranteed

As restaurateurs, engineers & baristas, we know the tricks for an efficient setup. We bring the necessary material and set up the machine and the accessories in your company. With it you can serve your guests top coffee in no time without any worries.

Service & cleaning material

Complete all-round service from experts included

We guarantee you consistent cup quality and trouble-free operation. In addition to the appropriate cleaning material, we efficiently rectify faults. Thanks to the remote connection, we usually detect defects before you do and solve them directly from our headquarters or come by immediately. As experienced coffee machine engineers, we know the technical side very well.

"Because you don't brew your beer yourself!"

Step by step...

We work with you to make coffee an experience.

Setup in 3 easy steps:

step 1
2 gemeinsam erarbeiten wir

Together we will develop your coffee concept.

Every restaurant and cafe is unique - together we will work out your coffee offer and choose the perfect coffee equipment, which ideally suits your company and your customers!

step 2
2 wir installieren die maschinen

We install the machines - configured to your needs.

We install machines, refrigerators and everything you need to serve top coffee. There are no additional costs for you.

step 3
2 dein team bekommt eine kompetente schulung

Your team will receive competent training.

So that you can inspire your guests and the operation runs smoothly, perfect training is central! Coffee know-how, barista skills on the machine and latte art included on request!

How's the business going then?

Even after the start-up phase, we stay on the ball. We respond to feedback, reconfigure and
provide your company with the latest trends from the world of coffee. This is how guests become regulars!

Artboard 15


Our support team from prof. Baristas and technicians are available to you 24/7 and monitor the beverage quality daily via the Internet.

Automated IoT

The coffee beans are delivered automatically and free of charge, no reordering necessary. We recognize faults at an early stage and rectify them immediately.

latte art-latte-art-coffee-cup

training courses

We regularly hold training courses for new employees - just send your new team members over and we will train them for you!

Coffee Lab

In our in-house coffee house we develop and test new recipes, special roasts and seasonal drinks. You get the best results continuously for free!

options and accessories

Choose from a wide range of machine options and accessories to create the best coffee experience for your business.

success stories

Our previous experience with over 35 companies shows:
The logical consequence is additional income through an improved coffee experience.

We help restaurateurs to be successful with coffee...

"Coffee is my passion. Whether as a barista trainer or coffee machine engineer, coffee shapes my everyday life and has fascinated me for years. With Blum coffee you serve your guests coffee in constant barista quality without investing in training or expensive equipment and at an attractive price"

Let's talk about the possibilities!

Mike Kohler
Barista trainer and coffee machine engineer

Still have questions?
Check out Blum's Gastronomy Solution FAQ

I have a question about...

We buy directly, pay above-average prices for better quality and roast freshly every week with the most modern equipment.

Everything to make the drink captivating in the cup at the end.

You can choose your favorite variety from our range and of course change the variety from time to time if necessary!

We use what we believe to be the best fully automatic portafilter coffee machine currently available!

It is built in Valais, has the best coffee quality and is the easiest to clean.

In addition, we can control the quality from the roastery via the Internet and thus perfectly support our gastro partners!

The machine indicates via the display when there is something to fill up:

  • beans
  • cleaning supplies

We will show you everything during installation so that you can be sure of maintenance!

You can choose whether you want it with or without a milk system.

With milk system:

  • increases the selection of drinks by cappuccino, latte macchiato,… you know that
  • increases the cleaning effort by approx. 2 minutes

Yes – many have had bad experiences cleaning coffee machines.

We know this first hand and can assure you that it couldn’t be easier than this machine!

The machine will remind you to start cleaning. All you need to do is press a button on the display – then nothing stands in the way of enjoying your coffee!

We can also automatically program it to do the cleaning automatically at a specific time.

If you decide on a milk system, there is one more thing to do: but don’t worry, this is also child’s play and only takes a few minutes of your time.

We are happy to adapt everything to your needs!

Descaling is not necessary, we use a water filter during installation.

Of course, there are no additional costs for this!

We’ll come by in advance and take a look at the situation on site together.

Blum will handle the installation of the machine, all you have to do is make sure it has power, water and sewage connections close to where it is installed.

Of course you can contact us if you are not sure whether your connections are sufficient. Get in touch – we’re happy to help!

no variety, that is sometimes the case. There is no water connection available at the machine location.

Alternatively, we can equip the machine with a water and waste water tank.

puuuhh now it’s getting tricky!

But don’t worry, we also have extension cables in our range! 🙂

Jokes aside, power connections should ideally be on a separate fuse for the coffee machine.

We would be happy to check your connections for you.

We bill on a monthly basis.

The more coffee your shop has brewed this month, the cheaper your cup price will be.

The perfect coffee machine gastronomy

When choosing the right gastro coffee machine, the following factors are important:

  • quality of the drinks
  • speed
  • size of the company
  • Restaurant coffee concept

Above all, the right gastro coffee machine must fit into the coffee concept!

Your guests don’t want to wait too long for their ordered coffee. Therefore, the gastro coffee machine should be able to prepare a large number of coffees in a short time and still guarantee high quality. At the same time, handling and maintenance should be as simple as possible. A professional coffee machine should have a large bean compartment so that you don’t have to refill new beans too often.

Our gastro coffee machines from Eversys have a capacity of 1000 grams and ensure consistently high coffee quality. Our service not only ensures quick and extensive installation, but also makes the settings for the coffee machines. With our automated repeat orders, you also avoid empty coffee shelves and you only get as much as you use. As a result, your coffee supply is continuously secured.