Coffee preparation
French press

We’ll show you everything you need to know to prepare a perfect French press!

brew guide preparation at a glance

brew ratio
6-8g coffee per 100g water


brew time
3-4 minutes

prep time
5 minutes

grind size
very fine / fine / medium / coarse

what you need
french press
coffee grinder
water kettle

french press brührezept brühanleitung

With the French Press you can make a delicious, full-bodied coffee in a very simple and reproducible way. The brewing method also works very well when traveling as the equipment required is relatively compact.

Here we have put together a practical overview with all
brew guides at a glance:

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brew guide

step 1

the preparation

We start with boiling the water, as this takes the most time.
Meanwhile, we weigh the amount of coffee. For our French Press, which has space for 300g of water, we use 18 grams of coffee. The amount depends on personal taste: if you like it intense, you can use more powder and vice versa.

step 2


Now let’s grind the coffee. It is best to grind the coffee as close to brewing as possible so that no aroma is lost.
The French press is preheated with a little hot water. This water should then be poured away again.
Now we put the powder in the French Press, put it on a scale and we are ready to brew.
Caution: only zero the scales after adding the coffee so that the amount of water can be measured accurately.

step 3

Brew and start stopwatch - blooming

We start the brewing process with twice the amount of water as we previously used coffee powder. In our case, that’s about 36 grams of water.

At the same time we also start the stopwatch as the brewing process has started.
We now stir the bloom with our spoon and wait 30 seconds.

step 4


Now we fill in the remaining amount of water. We fill our French Press accordingly until we are at 300 grams of water.
We now put the lid on top so that on the one hand we don’t influence the brewing and on the other hand the heat stays in the French Press.

step 5

pour out

The right time when brewing for reproducible results is crucial!
After the 3 minutes have elapsed, we gently press the stamp down. Then we pour the contents of the whole French Press into the cups so that the brewing process is complete and the coffee doesn’t over-extract during the process. If the sieve becomes blocked, the foam that has formed on the surface can be removed with a spoon before pressing the stamp.

How do you like the coffee? Sour or bitter? A higher temperature tends to produce a slightly more bitter result, while a lower temperature tends to produce an acidic coffee. Grind size is also crucial, with finer ground coffee potentially leading to a more bitter result and vice versa.

Here it is worth trying out. Only screw on one parameter at a time so that you also get the traceable comparison.

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Step-by-step instructions for the French Press coffee

  1. Freshly grind the coffee beans, note the quantity (see our instructions)
  2. Pour coffee powder into the French press.

  3. Preheat water to about 93-100 degrees Celsius.

  4. Pour water in circular motions.

  5. Stir coffee and let coffee steep.

  6. Carefully and slowly press the plunger down.


We mostly use light roasted specialty coffees. If you like it strong and roasty, you can also choose a medium or even dark roast.

The French press produces a strong, full-bodied filter coffee. Depending on the recipe and the type of coffee, the taste of the coffee can be adjusted. Learn all about it in our recipe!

Here is a short overview list for the coffee preparation