brew guide
filter coffee Hario V60

We’ll show you everything you need to know to prepare the perfect filter coffee with the Hario V60!

brew guide at a glance

brew ratio
6-7 g coffee per 100g water


brew time
2-3 minutes

prep time
5 minutes

grind size
very fine / fine/ medium / coarse

what you need
v60 filtercone
v60 filterpaper
coffee grinder
glas jug
water kettle

hario filter v60 brührezept brühanleitung

The traditional filter brew method produces a weaker, tea-like beverage, but allows the original flavor to unfold in a unique way with light roast coffee beans. Weakness in filter coffee should not be confused with a low caffeine content. The small amount of coffee is literally flooded by the long brewing time and the high amount of water, whereby all the caffeine can be released from the bean. A large cup of filter coffee can therefore also keep you awake.

There are numerous filter types, techniques, and recipes, each with their own pros and cons. Here we present a simple recipe using a paper filter as this results in a clear, harmonious drink. We brew most with a Hario V60, but the technique can definitely be applied to other types as well.

Here we have put together a practical overview with all
brew guides at a glance:

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brew guide

step 1

the preparation

The filter cone is placed on the glass container.
Then I fold the filter paper and put it in the filter holder.

Meanwhile, I weigh my amount of coffee. For my recipe I use 18 g of coffee and 300 g of water.

step 2

rinse filter

I rinse the filter thoroughly with hot water and then empty the water out of the lower pot. This preheats the filter on the one hand and removes the paper taste on the other.

Now I put the powder in the filter, put everything together on a scale and I’m ready to brew.

step 3


Now let’s grind the coffee. It is best to grind the coffee as close to brewing as possible so that no aroma is lost. Grinding the coffee with a hand grinder increases the anticipation of the drink, as the fresh ground coffee sets the first scent and makes you appreciate every cup.

step 4

Put coffee powder in the filter

Now I put the coffee powder in the filter. I make sure that the powder is evenly distributed at the bottom of the cone.

step 5

Brew and start stopwatch - blooming

I start the stopwatch at the same time as my first infusion.
For this first infusion, I pour in three times the amount of water compared to the ground coffee, i.e. 54 grams of water.
Here I make sure that all the coffee powder has gotten wet.

step 6


When the timer hits 30 seconds, I pour water along the edge in circular motions until I reach my target weight of 300 grams of water.

When I have reached 300 g, I give the coffee-water mixture (Bloom) a slight, circular swing with the spoon.

I finish the time when all the water has gone through the coffee. We aim for a time between 2 and 3 minutes.

Did it take longer than 3 minutes or does the coffee taste bitter? Next time I grind the coffee a little coarser and try again.

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It comes down to personal taste, but we use:

6-8g coffee powder for 100g water

Learn more in our recipe!

Choosing the right coffee for the preparation of filter coffee is not that easy.

When brewing filter coffee, a lot is released from the coffee, it is advisable to use a lighter roasted coffee.

The right balance of coffee, water and time are crucial for a great cup of filter coffee!

Find out everything in our guide.

Here is a short overview list for the coffee brew guide