prep time

2 Min.

beverage type

coffee with alcohol



Our Coffee Baileys recipe is super simple, but also super delicious for the winter time if you want to enjoy a coffee with alcohol after dinner, or are looking for an alternative to the mulled wine at the Christmas market.

The Baileys goes perfectly with coffee drinks that are prepared with milk and the Baileys gives the drink an additional, creamy note.

Our Baileys coffee recipe is very easy to prepare, you do it in exactly the same way as when you make a cappuccino:

Ingredients coffee Baileys

  • an espresso, 20-25g depending on the brewing recipe
  • Milk 150-200mL depending on glass size
  • Baileys 2-4cl depending on taste

Preparation of coffee Baileys

  1. Measure out Baileys and place in a milk pitcher
  2. Add the amount of milk
  3. Now extract the espresso into a cappuccino cup
  4. Now froth the milk as usual. The Baileys mixes perfectly with the milk and the whole milk tastes deliciously like Baileys!
  5. Now fill the cup with the milk
  6. Decorate, ideally with latte art, and enjoy! 😁

Optional Baileys cold coffee

The Baileys coffee is also great to enjoy as a cold variation! Check out the following recipe for Cappuccino al Freddo.


  • Place ice cubes, Baileys and milk in a cocktail glass
  • Stir briefly with a spoon to allow the milk to cool and mix with the Baileys
  • extract the espresso directly into the glass for a great optical layering!

Cappuccino Freddo

Optionally also with other Schnapps

The Baileys coffee recipe is also ideal for preparing with other Schnapps.
In our opinion, different types of schnapps are suitable for this:

  • hazelnut brandy
  • amaretto
  • nut liqueurs
  • …what is your proposal?

Coffees that go with the recipe:

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