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You also have a large selection of

Choose the accessories that fit into your catering business!

coffee cups

We are happy to provide you with our high-quality porcelain latte art cups, of course at no extra cost!

compostable cups

For coffee-to-go we have compostable cups in the perfect size for you.

coffee sign

For on-site staging, we have a selection of coffee signs for you.

coffee menu

Show coffee competence and inspire your guests with a coffee menu.

coffee bean sale

Provide your customers with coffee to take home and increase your sales!

Pictures from the coffee farm

Pictures of the coffee farmers in your company are not only beautiful, they also create a very special connection to the producer!

Helping restaurateurs to be successful is our passion!

"With Blum coffee, you serve your guests coffee in constant barista quality without having to invest in training or expensive equipment and at an attractive price!"

Mike Kohler, Barista Trainer and coffee machine engineer

restaurant coffee machine accessories

Find the right accessories for your Eversys gastro coffee machine here