The sustainable, delicious coffee solution for the office

You enjoy together with your team
a cup of circular barista coffee.
We’ll do the rest.

The problems with the coffee machine in the office will probably sound familiar to you:

nachhaltigkeit bio

How can I prepare sustainable coffee without capsules?


The coffee break is key, how can you offer something to the employees?

umsatz geld

How do I avoid unforeseen repair costs?


Constant descaling and cleaning of the machine is tedious and complicated

kaffeemaschine vollautomat

These coffee machines are constantly broken and I have to take care of them

qualität schwankt

Why does the coffee quality fluctuate constantly?

erde welt

How can I reduce waste and do something for the environment?


Machine investments are expensive and tie me to the device for a long time, how do I decide?

Wir haben die Lösung!
kurzes Video: (Maschine installiert, , MA geschult, Pause verzaubert, Latte Art gemacht, Reinigung gemacht)

Bring the sustainable, high-quality
and reliable coffee solution into your home with BLUM

Your advantages at a glance


Specialty coffee in coffee house quality

You offer your employees directly traded, delicious coffee during the break.

Kaffeemaschine Siebträger

No investment costs

You only pay for what is consumed! There are no investment costs for the machine or repairs.

vertrauen partnerschaft

a partner for the coffee theme

You only have one contact person for the coffee issue, together we will find the ideal solution for you. We only charge per cup. No investments, transparent and based on partnership.


Waste & Cleaning reduced to a minimum

There is no more waste from capsules, the coffee grounds can be used as fertilizer for plants and it only takes 2 minutes to clean.


constant quality in the cup

With the help of a self-calibrating machine, we ensure constant quality and monitor it via the Internet (IOT). A small step for technology, a big step for your quality in the cup.

erde welt

Direct Trade & conservation projects

We want to use the power of entrepreneurship to do something good. Together we are therefore investing in the greatest challenge of our time - protecting the environment.

What our customers and partners say about us

"The employees are enthusiastic about the quality and the machine is easy to operate in daily use and maintenance"
Nadine M., Nevis Security AG
"We appreciate the sustainability and the top coffee quality"
Daniel Blum, Itten+Brechbühl AG
"In terms of sustainability, the coffee solution convinced us - it also tastes great"
Isabell Seidel, MSCI
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The models

Find the right offer here in the overview of our models.
Are you missing information or would you like to discuss something personally?
Do not hesitate and contact us!

brewer model

Circular specialty beans
More than fair & organic!
Prepared on your own machine
from CHF 0.25 per cup
  • Freshly roasted coffee beans
  • seasonal bean offer
  • direct trade
  • sustainable cultivation
  • Adjustment of the machine by the roaster and barista AST Trainer
  • 1% invested in conservation projects

Blum model

Espresso & cappuccino at the push of a button
in consistent portafilter quality
no investment costs
from CHF 0.40 per cup
  • everything from "brewer model"
  • Eversys coffee machine rent free
  • Configuration of individual range of drinks
  • Machine service and support
  • Installation, water filter
  • Cup set at purchasing conditions

coffee shop model

High-end coffee house feeling
in your office!
with a Blum coffee cabinet
from CHF 0.60 per cup
  • everything from "Blum model"
  • Coffeehouse furniture in your office
  • 2 coffee events per year for your employees




coffee shop

beans and recycling

Coffee beans from the Blum range

free shipping


Eversys Cameo incl. fresh milk module and refrigerator, provided rent-free

Installation of the machine including water filter and waste water connection (no descaling, no emptying of water necessary)

Machine service and support - 7 days a week

Detergents for automated cleaning included


Beverage range, configuration and programming according to customer requirements

Cup set at purchasing conditions

Employee events

2 employee events per year included. Brings variety to your team and promotes cohesion. Coffee tastings, brewing courses or barista events are a successful change in everyday office life.


Coffee house furniture, for that coffee house feeling in your office!

Do you have a question about our office solution?

Barista Trainer AST

Contact our CCO (chief coffee officer).
As a barista trainer AST, master roaster and coffee machine engineer, he supports our restaurateurs as a key account.

direct trade

We do something good for our customers in terms of taste and the coffee farm in the country of origin financially. We trade directly with specialty farms worldwide. It's actually quite simple: High quality can be remunerated better in the long term. Beyond labels like fair trade or organic.

get more information

No investment necessary
you only pay for what you need

Still have questions?
Check out Blum's Office Solution FAQ

I have a question about…

...the beans you roast

We buy directly, pay above-average prices for better quality and roast with the most modern equipment.

Everything to make the drink captivating in the cup at the end.

You can choose your favorite variety from our range and of course change the variety from time to time if necessary!

... the machine you use

We use what we believe to be the best coffee machine currently available!

It is built in Valais, has the best coffee quality and is the easiest to clean. Everything you need for perfect everyday office life.

...the filling of the machine

The machine indicates via the display when there is something to fill up:

cleaning supplies

We'll show you everything during installation so that you can be sure of maintenance!

...the milk system of the machine

You can choose whether you want it with or without a milk system.

With milk system:

increases the selection of drinks by cappuccino, latte macchiato,... you know that
increases the cleaning effort by approx. 2 minutes the machine

Yes - many have had bad experiences cleaning coffee machines, especially in the office...

We know this first hand and can assure you that it couldn't be easier than this machine!

The machine will remind you to start cleaning. All you need to do is press a button on the display - then nothing stands in the way of enjoying your coffee!

We can also automatically program it to do the cleaning automatically at a specific time.

If you decide on a milk system, there is one more step: but don't worry, this is also very easy and only takes a few minutes of your time. And: the effort is worth it, what could be better than taking a cappuccino to the next brainstorming session?

We are happy to adapt everything to your needs!

...descaling the machine

Descaling is not necessary, we use a water filter during installation.

Of course, there are no additional costs for this!

...the installation of the machine

We'll come by in advance and take a look at the situation on site together.

Blum will handle the installation of the machine, all you have to do is make sure it has power, water and sewage connections close to where it is installed.

Of course you can contact us if you are not sure whether your connections are sufficient. Get in touch - we're happy to help!

...what if no water connection is available?

no variety, that is sometimes the case. There is no water connection available at the machine location.

Alternatively, we can equip the machine with a water and waste water tank.

...what if there is no power connection available?

puuuhh now it's getting tricky!

But don't worry, we also have extension cables in our range! 🙂

Jokes aside, power connections should ideally be on a separate fuse for the coffee machine.

We would be happy to check your connections for you.

...the reckoning

We bill on a monthly basis.

The more coffee your shop has brewed this month, the cheaper your cup price will be.

Register now for a non-binding tasting